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As a part of the Accrue Group of Companies, our Trading Division: Accrue Trading Inc (established in 1994) mainly operates in the Trading, Procurement / Supply and Logistics Support business sectors worldwide.

Our General Im/Ex Trading activities cover a wide range of products which include dry bulk commodities such as: Iron Ore, Coal, Chrome Ore, Manganese Ore and Oxide, Zinc Ore,  Copper Cathodes or Ore, Silica Sands, Marble, Cement Products and Timber items such as..Logs, Poles, Waste, Chips and a number of Finished and Semi-Finished Timber Items.

We are also able to provide a wide selection of  Agri-Food bulk type products on request, such as: Sugar, Rice, Wheat, Urea etc...

We  provide global organizations such as NGO's and Governments with large volume bulk items for "Emergency Relief "and "Peace Keeping" supply operational requirements covering such items as Food, Accommodation, Bedding and Clothing items...

The marketing and Recycling of mainly Plastic and Wood waste items is also within our general trading activities, these "recycling" activities also include; Paper, Wood, and Scrap Steel transactions...

Marine related Vessel Sales and Charter Services are also provided to our clients via our Marine Div that can cover any size and type of vessel from, Luxury Yachts  to the Smallest Tug up to the Largest Super Tanker or VVLC size vessel. - Oil industry vessels and Off-shore Oil/Gas Rig and equipment can also be arranged on request.

The overall Accrue Group is activity involved in selective growth business sectors that include; Tourism & Development, Logistics and Shipping (including into Global conflict regions), Mineral Mine Development and Sales, Ship Vessel Sales and Charter, Luxury Yacht Design and Construction, Marina Development Projects, IT Integration, Property Development and other Special Projects.

For additional Information on other Accrue Group activities please go to our larger Corporate Website at: www.accrueinc.itgo.com
which is curently undergoing an upgrading process.

For additional information on any of our business activities please send your inquiry to us via our "Contact Us" section.

Thank you for your time and we hope you find this website informative and we look forward to discussing future business developments together with you in the near future....

Export of Chrome and Iron Ore
Iron Ore, Chrome Ore, Manganese Ore, Coal
Iron, Chrome, Manganese Ore
Timber Export, Wooden Logs,
Plastic Waste, Plastic Recycling,
Military Food Packs, NGO Ration Packs
NGO Tents, Emergency Tent Accommodation
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